Current Secretary:Tigerlily

The Secretary is to work closely with the President and Vice President in the management of the club. The Secretary’s main duty is to record notes of the happenings during club meetings. These notes need to be submitted and shared between other leaders and club sponsor. Secretary may also wish to keep a binder for club notes. Additionally, Secretary is responsible for ensuring members sign-in into meetings and helping club sponsor keep track of which members have paid dues, if applicable. Secretary should also collect emails or numbers of members who wish to receive notes or newsletters about anime club meetings and events. For parties, it is the Secretary’s responsibility to create a sign-up for food and have club members sign-up.  The Secretary needs to be dedicated and commit to attending most meetings. Secretary must also put needs of the club first and be able to take directions for the President and Vice President during meetings and outside of meetings. 

Assistant Secretary:
Current Assistant Secretary: TBD

The Assistant Secretary is to help the Secretary fulfill their duties and even take over their duties in the Secretary’s absence during a meeting. Assistant Secretary would, along with the other leaders who are interested, be in charge of sending updates to the club’s website. Assistant Secretary can either be designer/owner of website or this task can be delegated out to another willing member. Should a website already be in place, Assistant Secretary needs to help keep that site up to date and not undermine it by creating another site. Should both secretaries be absent, the Vice President will temporarily take over the roles and may appoint temporary assistants for a meeting’s duration.