Our Leaders:

*All leaders are reuired to stay 10-15 minutes after each club meeting.
-Leaders must have at least a 2.0 GPA and Not a single F on their report card.

Within Anime Club, members get the opportunity to be a part of electing fellow members for leadership positions. Leaders represent students who are dedicated to enriching other people’s lives with their commitment to establishing models for ideal behavior and encouraging everyone to participate within the club.  April 11th, 2014, Anime Club will be having Nomination Day to elect candidates to potentially fill positions in for the 2014-2015 school year. The following week will be Election Day in which new leadership with be elected.

How Nomination and Election Day Work:
On Nomination Day, a predetermined date shall be set by current president with consultation of the rest of the club, club members are allowed to make pitches for roles they want to be candidates for. (Examples: President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Historian, ect.) These pitches should not exceed five minutes and anyone who uses slander as a campaigning tactic may be ineligible for nomination at discretion of club sponsor. At this time any members who are uninterested in being nominated may also state so. After member who wanted to make pitches have all gone two methods may be employed to decide candidates:

  1. Club sponsor may ask all club members to take a seat and close their eyes. Club sponsor will then call position and names of nominees for the role. Members will raise their hands; members have unlimited votes but only one vote per a name. Club sponsor will tally counts and top three members for each category will become candidates for Election Day.
  2. Individual ballots may be passed out to each member. Anonymously, members may write their top three choices for each position. Club sponsor may then collect ballots and tally up results. Top three members for each category will become candidates for Election Day.

In Case of Unanimous Vote: Person with automatically become elected for the position as long as there are no objections for other nominees. If objector can get two other club members to agree with their objection, they and the unanimously voted member will be candidates for Election Day of that position, at the discretion of club sponsor.
In Case of Tie for Candidacy: There will simply be four candidates as long as there are no objections from club sponsor.
In Case of One Member Becoming Candidate for Multiple Positions: This member may choose between which two positions they wish to be candidate for. Fourth runner-up, if applicable, becomes third candidate for vacated candidate slot.
In Case of Absent Member Wishing to be Candidate: If there are any vacant slots for candidacy for a certain position, with approval of club on Election Day, they may be written in on the ballot, at the discretion of club sponsor. If no open slots for candidacy, club sponsor may decide whether or not they may be written on the ballot.

Between Nomination and Election Day:
Candidates have a full week to think over potential speeches or pitches they want to use before voting on Election Day. Time will not be given on Election Day for candidates to prepare if they did not do so prior, no exceptions. All speeches or pitches should not exceed three minutes and slander of any kind is not acceptable. Candidates are not required to make a speech prior to voting if they do not wish to. Candidates, who are not present on Election Day, without alerting club sponsor prior, are to be considered dropped out of voting. Those absent who give prior notice can be voted for and have speeches delivered by another member, if club sponsor approves. Names of all candidates and positions they can be voted for should be written on the board prior to voting.


Election Day:
After all candidates have made their case for why they should be elected, individual ballots will be passed out to all members present. Each member is able to vote for one person for each position. If especially torn, they may write down two names for one category only. Club sponsor will collect ballots, count votes, and then determine new elected positions.
In Case of Tie: Club Sponsor may call a revote using the close your eyes and raise your hand method or simply decide candidates will flip a coin or do best 2 out of 3 rock-paper-scissors to decide winner.
In Case of Outcry from Losing Candidate: There will be no revote simply because one member is unhappy with results. However, club sponsor may allow unsatisfied members recount votes if a recount is demanded.

            Elected candidates after voting are officially given roles of leadership and may begin fulfilling their duties.


Vice President




Club Sponsor